I offer psychology tuition (A-level, BSc and MSc level), help with specific psychology assignments, and general ‘writing for science’ support.


My background in Tutoring

I started tutoring school children for ‘The Tutor Group’ in London in 2002. Since then, I have continued to work as a tutor alongside my research and clinical work for about 15 years. I have always enjoyed helping other people learn and have developed a lot of skill in tailoring my tutoring approach to suit the pupil. I have taught from MSc through to GCSE, including students with special needs. I currently supervise MSc students at Bristol University who are completing research dissertations in disciplines of Neuroscience, Psychology and Education.

I am also employed by the The Skills Network who offer online tuition and training for adult learners.


My Approach to Tutoring

I’m interested in how students learn in different ways, and will make a real effort to find a style of teaching and tuition that is effective for you.  We can work towards comprehension of concepts,  specific skills such as writing for science, reading research articles (without spending hours trawling through complicated papers!), organising your own thoughts and ultimately communicating your ideas.

If you want help with a particular piece of work, I will usually do that by making comments on your document and suggesting changes, and explaining why I am making these suggestions. This will help you to improve your own skills and build your confidence.  You may be more interested in ‘Tutorial and Feedback’ option if you want to work on one specific piece of work.


Price and Arrangements

The sessions start from £40 / hour.  I will usually conduct tutorials via Skype, but if you are based in Huddersfield we can arrange to meet in person if you prefer.