My background is in Psychology and I have a PhD in Cognitive Science. My own research focuses on mental health and developmental disorders. I am passionate about research, clinical care and service provision. My previous research posts have been at the University of Seville in Spain, Kings College, London in the UK, and Macquarie University in Australia. I have also worked in various schools and clinical settings across these countries which has given me the opportunity to work with diverse professionals from around the world. Over time, I have come to appreciate the challenges faced by non-native English-speaking scientists. This has led me to set up a writing support service with the aim to assist people to communicate their work and help give their research the international recognition it deserves.

I promise to: include comments throughout the manuscript explaining changes I make to help you improve your writing; address specific requests or queries; discuss revisions by phone or by email.


What I will Review

       Manuscripts for academic journals

       PhD / Masters theses and dissertations

       Psychology assignments and essays


       Grant applications

       Presentation slides

       Letters of correspondence

       Anything else – just email me!

All documents will be kept in complete confidence. 

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